Finding the limit
Experienced simracer crashes at trackday

Race report

DGPLS star-simracer Anton Norup, who is also one of the founders and ex-boss of the famous team, rode on - and a bit beyond - the limit at a recent trackday in the danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club.

His blue Fiat Punto was entered in a vacant slot between the Alfas and Anton Norup grabbed the opportunity to explore the limits of adhesion and dynamics through the treacherous curves of the exciting racetrack.

A fellow AROC member stops to help the tilted Punto onto its wheels again
The car didn't suffer any severe damage. In fact only the mirror-housing was cracked (a bit) and according to Anton Norup: "I can't recognise any new dents ... or which ones are in fact older ones".

Lucky punch! What a way to learn the limits of your car!