The hills are alive with ...
Pellegrino in the green hell


Some of the hardcore real-life redders went to Nürburg with a posse of danish club-racers and spent a long and lovely weekend at the Nürburgring and surrounding bars.

Three newbies were 'babtised'; Claus Larsen, is real-life member and already a veteran in his awsome orange Alfa Sprint racer; Christian Pedersen, a Skoda-driving friend of team-cofounder Gert Sterner; Allan Skov a go-for-the-gold crazy drummer who arrived with member Simon Nielsen in a red Alfa Spider.

Søren Bærholm on full throttle through Pflanzgarten
The famous team Into The Red dominated the day with their stunning cars, and several german Porsches were left in the wake.

All in all a splendid trip that combined a nice evening in Koblenz, a good look at the track from a spectator's point of view during the Saturday VLN Langstreckenpokal and finally the rendevouz with fellow Ringers from Denmark on Sunday.