You don't fool me no more!
Dustin Hoffman drives Alfa Romeo on "60 minutes"

Two-time Academy Award Winner Dustin Hoffman appeared on "60 Minutes" for a drive-along interview recently.

Hoffman drove a wonderful 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto while talking about his career, obviously centered around his break-through role in "The Graduate" of the same year, which also launched the pretty Alfa on the US market.

Last year Audi, somewhat tastelessly, launched a TV-commercial where the "Graduate" story was replayed with "the sensible choice" ... an Audi!

But now it's nice to see Mr. Hoffman back with the real McCoy from the southern side of the alps.

The Ingolstadt car-makers tried to convey an image of grown-up sensibility at the expense of their Milanese sister. Inserts: Hoffman, then and today