Team Boss on GTR lookout
We got the doe, show us the cars!

The team manager admits to have been witnessing a test at Ring Knutstorp in southern Sweden during the week-end. Lamborghini Murcielagos where being prepared for GTR racing.

"The Scuderia hasn't decided on a chasis yet, but the GTR-league is coming ... and it's coming fast", said Per Einarsson while wiping his oily hands after a small adjustment of the italian monster. "As you can see, the cars are presented in their bare carbon-fibre bodies. We're still working on the paintscheme ... but obviously we haven't chosen which car to use yet!"

This week-end there was a pre-league race at Barcelona for the Danish GTR-constituency, " ... and only our man Norup participated. And he ran his private 550 Maranello GT. We have to get ready!" said the Capo and continued doing what he had to do.

The Capo de tutti capi at Ring Knutstorp with the pockets loaded with Euros from the famous backers in northern Italy. Business has been good this year, eh?!