Fabulous Ferrari V12 sound
Maranello's greatest reverberates in ITR workshop

The scuderia workshops have seen quite a few italian greats through the years. Chief tester Steffen Madsen has a similar awe-striking list of try-outs [see meet the members] and immediately recognised a splendid opportunity to sample the sound of an un-muffled Ferrari V12 this week.

A customer brought in his dark blue Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 for some silencer-work. "A Ferrari of this vintage isn't exacly silent" said Steffen Madsen, "We have a few customers with this type of engine, and we love them (the engines) for their crisp throttle-response". Just listen to the video sample.

Now, let's see if we can reproduce the thrilling sounds as a GPL-wav for the F312 Gran Prix racer.