Hate to say I told you so
Enzo couldn't resist sending a telegram

After collecting the Cooper-Maseratis at Monza in september, team manager Per Einarsson was told by Enzo Ferrari personally that we would be sorry to choose the british car:

"You just wait and see! You will all be crying soon!" the commendatore said with the usual drama and pointed at the Boss and test driver Søren Bærholm.

But at the recent race at Clermont-Ferrand both Steffen Madsen and Jan Kyster held very persuasive P2s during the race and Kyster even managed to hold his until the end. Old cars, yes, but still very competitive. The former ITR star-drivers are now entering the red cars for "White Dudes Black Helmets" and "Scuderia Ferrari".

From top: Kyster hunting Madsen mid-race, Madsen's steaming 312 left at the curb-side after the race and a laughing Enzo in his office