Into the mountains
Struggle on french hair-pin roads


Henrik Christensen flew the green colours of Scuderia Into The Red with exceptional spendor at the recent mountain race through the exhausting curves and climbs of Clermont-Ferrand in the French Massif Centrale.

Star driver Michael Andersen held pole-position almost until end of practice, but was excelled by fellow Cooper-driver Lars Gaarde by less than a half second before it was time to start racing. A horrendous mass-pile-up on L1 sent the ITR hero right to the back of the race, though.

Søren Bærholm was accidentally shunted off by BRM-driver Søren Mortensen in T1 right after the starting-grid, and he was forced to follow the race from the pits, where he was comforted by the pretty Bella Lago models.

Only ITR-entrant to benefit from the massive caramboulage was the team manager. Per Einarsson rose to a solid P5 after a few laps, but settled at around P10 when the faster competitors started to gain speed.

Unfortunately the pit-board girls were to busy attending to Bærholm in the pits, which led to the Boss not acquiring information about the standings and thus retiring the blue Cooper-Maserati without taking the chequers!

Henrik Christensen takes in Kent Nielsen on his solid march onto fourth place

Team statistics The feeble output from the race has sent the famous scuderia down the ranks in the DGPLS team championship. Now holding a disappointing P10.