Line-up for autumn season
Four drivers elected for DGPLS league

At a very fancy galla on the shores of Lake Iseo in north Italy it was finally made public who will drive the new cars of Scuderia ITR when racing begins in a month's time.

Last summer during the summer-fun races in DGPLS, Henrik B. Christensen humiliated the capo at Watkins Glen by lapping him in a Cooper-Maserati. This was also mentioned during the welcoming ceremony at the Lago Iseo castle.

After welcoming the two new drivers, Michael Andersen and Henrik Christensen, the president of Bella Lago (tm) could proudly present the new line-up for Scuderia Into The Red Simracing for the autumn league in DGPLS:

Per Einarsson (capo) 4th season

Søren Bærholm 3rd season

Michael F. Andersen 1st season

Henrik B. Christensen 1st season

Both new drivers are ex-Happy Privateers members where Michael used to be team manager. Time will show if the stability of the entered Coopers will allow team ITR to excel once again. The new members certainly added some experience to the team.

At the presentation there was a launch of the bikini collection from Bella Lago Swim Wear for Women (tm). The girls were sweet as always. The Colours may be adapted for the race cars during the season; the capo, however, did NOT like this idea!