Cooper-Maserati T81 vs. Ferrari 312
Enzo Ferrari pissed-off at Monza after loosing top-notch team

Over the weekend the star-drivers of Into The Red met with Enzo Ferrari and John Cooper at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza outside Milan. The famous scuderia has recieved 4 new Cooper F1 cars from the UK, and Mr. Ferrari wanted to show that his cars were the superior ones.

And they were! But Scuderia Into The Red (from nearby Maranello) has decided to enter the green cars, and the team manager expressed some relief in not having to work with Mr. Ferrari and his staff. Maserati's design chief, Ingeniere Giulio Alfieri, was present and did the final tuning of the big V12 himself.

The longer wheelbase of the Cooper makes it easier to balance if the geometry and brake-balance is set up right. But the drag coefficient is very high and despite the hugely powerful engine the Ferraris kept out-running our new cars on the straights.

Enzo calmed down after a prolonged dinner and announced to everybody that he was very pleased that Scuderia Into The red will enter his 1500cc cars in the GPL65 league.

The Ferrari works will now focus their efforts on Jan Kyster and his team; "He is the only driver worthy of driving my cars anywhere in the world; no doubt he will win the next championship, and you all (pointing) will cry for choosing Mr. Cooper's cars ..."

Enzo Ferrari is not pleased as he discusses the loss of the ITR-entry with chief designer Mauro Forghieri (left)

Søren Bærholm runs off at Curva Parabolica on the first trial. The brake-balance was all wrong. The cars are, though, handling a lot more stable than the nimble Ferrari 312s

The Maserati engine now has triple ignition plus 3 valves per cylinder. It produces a full 390 bhp at max revs (9700 rpm) and as such is no match for the Ferrari's 410 bhp at 10500 rpm. But the torque characteristics of the Modenese V12 is much more flexible as shown in the comparison table above

A bigger seat-shell is inserted before the team manager takes the car out for a stint
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