Recap on a splendid season
The six drivers of Scuderia Into The Red can now take their hollidays

The blood-red Ferrari 312 racers of the famous scuderia from Maranello, are finally up for a major overhaul. It will be very exciting to see if the next season brings any changes to the monocoques, suspension or engine, or if indeed the cars will be replaced by the smaller Tipo 512.

The reporters tried to get comments from the drivers and the mechanics as they left the Ristorante at Via Trente after the farewell-dinner recently, but nothing coherent could be deducted from the few words that were uttered.

Team manager Per Einarsson said: "I am driving the 512 over the summer. It runs well and is big fun!".

Gert Sterner couldn't be hustled for a single word except: "I'm retired!" ... but is he?

Stig Jørgensen has had many succeses lately but didn't mention any changes; everybody expects him to stay as number one driver.

Steffen Madsen, slightly dizzy after the Amarone wine, said that: "I'll be back, but I haven't tried the tiny cigars yet ... a red cigarillo hahaha!"

Søren Bærholm had been preparing a test-run, but it hasn't yet materialized. He said: "It has been a very interesting season. I am looking forward to the next one ... come what may".

The only clear comment came from Jan Kyster, who has risen to stardom in the italian community lately. Said he: "I don't like the 512. It's underpowered and dull ... and nobody has come up with a decent setup yet ... let's see what happens!"

The formula for the next DGPLS-league will decide the future.

Jan Kyster ended up as #11 out of 23 entries in the Open European GPL League. he gained 128 point from five starts. The League was won by austrian Christian Feuerstein with 256 points gathered from nine starts in the Brabham BT24.

Stig Jørgensen drove in the Revolution Race Series and scored a 5th place in the Chamberlain Trophy. He had 22 points from seven starts and four top-three finishes. The winner was Mark Harrison, scoring 96 points from eleven starts in the Brabham BT24.