GT race at Circuit Zolder
ITR-man Claus Larsen takes Team Lindberg Optik to Belgium

Claus Larsen had the opportunity to accompany the Lindberg Racing team to the old Zolder Grand Prix circuit in Belgium for the FIA 30th Historic Grand Prix.

The track is situated in central Belgium between Brussels and Maastricht and has been updated recently with new pits.

The danish racing team arrived in several trailers and an ex-DTC full-length trailer. They entered two DeTomaso Panteras and brought three Lotus Elans as well as the Renault-Alpine of Claus Bjerglund.

The Panteras qualified 2nd and 3rd on the grid, only topped by a very rare Elva GT, but did not start due to the lack of rain tyres.

The Elans fought well and one of the cars even ruined two engines due to over-revving during practice. The second engine was hastily brought in from Denmark over-night!