ITR dominates US Grand Prix
Jan Kyster sweeps all at Virginia International Raceway

Race results

After qualifying as the 4th-best on the starting grid Jan Kyster drove to victory on the Virginia International Raceway in America.

After four laps he took the lead from Magnus Lundin and stayed ahead of the competition for a full 29 laps on the twisty circuit.

"Virginia International Raceway is one of my absolute favourites, a real delicious track", says the happy winner, "and I showed everybody that it pays to practice".

P2 was the German Christian Feuerstein on Brabham, who was left 30 seconds behind by the red rocket.

Now waits more practice on the Nürburgring for the upcomming DGPLS-finale.

"Yes, and I feel ready to do that 8:05 lap now ..." says the champ, as he hands over the laurels to one of the surrounding Bella Lago Bikini models.

Swede, Magnus Lundin, spins himself out of the top-dog competition