I need NOS
ITR Real life goes hunting for new vehicles

In the never-ending pursuit of extra horsepower team members Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson went on a voluntary mission to Vandel Air Base for the Danish Drag Race Championship 2004.

The objective was simple: "Is it possible to find anything or any kind of technology that could give more speed to the ITR Real life racers?"

The result: Yes it is!

So for next season Sterner's Alfa 33 will be a bored-out 2.5 litre, 20-valve, double rootes supercharger, water-and-methanol injected, NOS-injected, 5000 bhp version of the Alfa Romeo road car. That is ... if the rules allow it.

But hey; that's why we have an ITR-man on the board!