Settled in for good
Into The Red is "best of the rest"

Race results

Quite surprisingly, the season-stormer team from Maranello really did manage to re-take third position in the DGPLS team championship.

Flat-Racing and Team-5 were fighting for 1st and 2nd, and it was obvious that none of the remaining teams could threaten that competition, but the fight for 3rd place was open until the very last minute.

Into The Red beat Happy Privateers, Stingers and Racing Saints by simply doing the best racing!

Jan Kyster and Stig Jørgensen battled the army of Lotus and Eagle drivers on server 1, and even though the former had a really unfortunate qualification and the later retired on L5 after a bad accident, both made very good impressions on the 300.000 spectators present in the Eifel wood-lands.

On Server 2 drivers Søren Bærholm and Per Einarsson defended the red colours over the full 6 laps. Until the very last minute of qualification Per Einarsson held Q2 on the grid but was pushed back by Ulf Olsen and ex-ITR man Morten Smidt before race start. Søren Bærholm improved his Personal Best and was delegated to the 4th from-last slot on the grid.

In the evening at the hotel the team Boss stood up and thanked all the drivers and the sponsors (not least the very kind Bella Lago girlies) and announced that next season even the top teams will be looking out for ITR. So, we'll be back - with a vengeance!

Team Statistics Due to the fact that neither Stig Jørgensen nor Steffen Madsen had the full oppotunities to show their talents, they didn't earn as many points for the driver's championship as expected. But that doesn't take the glory away from Jan Kyster who took an overall 8th in the list - the best ever for Scuderia Into The Red!


Individual, 8th Jan Kyster (465 points from 5 finishes)

Individual, 27th Per Einarsson (251 points from 4 finishes)

Individual, 28th Søren Bærholm (248 points from 4 finishes)

Individual, 31st Stig Jørgensen (214 points from 3 finishes)

Individual, 34th Gert Sterner (164 points from 3 finishes)

Individual, 40th Steffen Madsen (78 points from 1 finishes)

Team, 3rd Into The Red (1091 points from 22 starts)

Best driver: Sune Nielsen (627 points from 5 finishes)

Best team: Flat-racing (1668 points from 29 starts)