Bring it on
Alfasud Sprint Racer ready for 2004 HMS Club Race season

Claus Larsen has announced that the orange racer is ready after a winter of repairs and improvements.

The first event will be 8th may 2004 at Ring Knutstorp in Sweden, where car #41 will fight against other young-timers in two heats. The tifosi are very excited about the event and are looking forward to see how the Alfa Romeo will respond to the inevitable improvements from the other teams.

Claus Larsen stated in a recent interview that: "after trying a rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo on the track, I'm really hooked on converting to a Bertone or similar. It's more steerable on the throttle. It's more like ... I don't know ... different!"

Well, anyway, we expect him to change his mind when he is - once again - sitting in the self-prepared Sprint.

Good Luck, Claus. We'll be cheering from the grand-stands.