Start-line engine-blow
Into The Red driver in RRS league avoids grid pile-up

Race results

Stig Jørgensen drove the Ferrari 312 to a well-deserved P5 on the South African Kyalami circuit.

On the starting grid pole-sitter Dave Wilkinson blew up his V12 engine just as the green flag fell. The result was unavoidable by most of the field; a massive pile-up.

But Stig Jørgensen got through the maze of wrecked cars and escaped onto a P8 after the first hectic lap.

A very long chase on Ian Clarke in the Lotus was interupted when what seemed like a ghost-driver passed the Ferrari mid-race after two atempts. It was in fact Andy Miller in the blue BT20 Brabham, of which the race server lost track, even though he rose to P3 by L29 when the chequered flag flew.

This set back Stig Jørgensen from a registered P4 to a real P5.

V12 engine-blow on the start line