New cars for Maranello team
Team manager tries new Ferrari race car at the Ring

Per Einarsson, the famous team manager of the succesful "Into The Red" F1 team from Maranello, met with the Ferrari top brass at the Nürburgring this weekend. Enzo Ferrari and chief of experimental research, Mauro Forghieri, brought the newest breed of race car - the 1.5-litre model 1512, which has evolved from the 158.

Ferrari and Einarsson in the pitlane before the Boss of all bosses took the new Ferrari 1512 for a few fast laps on the North loop
After intense negotiations the Capo of ITR said that: "This will allow our star drivers to really shine in the upcoming DGPLS league, where only 1500cc cars will be allowed". Being the top Ferrari-team in the danish league it came as no surprise that Enzo Ferrari approached Into The Red first.
The Ferrari 1512 at Wippermann photographed from Gert Sterner's car. Insert shows Enzo back in the pits waiting for the verdict.
In the evening all the Ferrari engineers and mechanics where invited to the Esch residence in Nürburg, and after returning from the Aral Tankstelle under Ex-Mühle with another crate of beer, the Commendatore revealed that: "Being an old Alfa Romeo man myself, I can not rule out that I may have been affected by Gert Sterner's promise to take me for a lap on the North Loop tomorrow in his Boxer 16V". Some said that he had tears in his eyes.

What remains to be decided, is the future for the 3-litre 312 cars that are presently raced by Scuderia ITR; will they enter cars for both GPL67 and GPL65 next season? "It depends on the drivers", says the team boss, "they have other tasks ... among others they have to attend to the Bella Lago Swim-wear models!"

Tough decision, then.