Six-shooter with three bullets
Into The Red defends third place in vain

Race results

Star-driver Jan Kyster was accompanied by the team boss, Per Einarsson, and Søren Bærholm for the French DGPLS-grand Prix at Rouen les-Essart.

During the afternoon it was said in the paddock that Kyster had settled for the second-best server, but planned to win it outright. And if it wasn't for a very unpleasant 1st lap he surely could have!

Both Per Einarsson and Søren Bærholm escaped the delays caused by crashes on L1 and tried in vain to hold one-digit places for the next laps, but they were forced to stand back when the faster people gained speed and started to push harder.

Jan Kyster had a very tough - but also very entertaining - way to struggle, which left Søren Mortensen, Per Frederiksen and ex-ITR man Morten Smidt in the wake. He finished as P4.

Per Einarsson held a courageous P6 until fuel shortage forced him to pit in on L13, and Søren Bærholm had some unfortunate nasty touches with the staw-bales on the curbs of the french circuit. They ended up P11 and P13 respectively.

#9 Jan Kyster in the 48-valve Ferrari
#2 Per Einarsson in the "long canopy" 1966-chassis
#16 Søren Bærholm in full drift through the Gresil sweeper
Team championship is no-go

Unfortunately Stig Jørgensen had to attend to other business (the sponsors always have the last say), and as both Steffen Madsen and Gert Sterner still are concidered as retirees, only the above three entries were able to score points for the Maranello team.

Team statistics This certainly puts an end to the question if ITR could go for the team chamionship. Sadly. But let's see next season.