Highs and Lows
Maranello team looses two drivers in one week

Race results

In the same week the Maranello team Into The Red lost two drivers to pensive convalescens AND cashed-in the highest score of all teams in the danish GPL society spring league. Talk about highs and lows!

Steffen Madsen has missed two events now, and he has been relegated back to the factory for testing of the new 1.5-litre machines.

Gert Sterner - one of the founders of the team - showed up at Brands Hatch much too late, and only by very fast and vigoruos work by the pit crew did he make it to the starting grid. Criticism from certain persons in other teams prompted Gert Sterner to announced a premature retirement. He will now focus on the ITR real-life efforts for a while.

The Brands Hatch race was a premiere for the league and Into The Red made a very good appearence indeed.

Into The Red gains on Flat-racing and Team Five

Of the entered cars Jan Kyster scored the best result; P4 on Server 1.

He and Stig Jørgensen, who took the flag as P8 a lap down, had been training and competing for best lap time during the week, and both drivers showed the spectators some real thoroughbred italian racing over the 30 laps.

Gert Sterner and Søren Bærholm qualified last on Server 2, but both managed to climb up to a very decent placing - partly due to a large dropout mid-field, but also due to good driving.

By sheer luck Gert Sterner's mechanics got the setup exactly right for the track and the car laid very firmly on the hilly tarmac for the whole race.

Søren Bærholm took a good dozen laps to fall in to the right beat, even though he had been practicing intensively during the last few days.

The team manager had a nice qualification run, but after gathering a good pace he was sadly disconnected right on Clearways bend on L12.

Team statistics The tifosi cheered when it was announced that scuderia Into The Red now holds 3rd place in the DGPLS team championship.