Action packed weekend
Racing in Sweden


Claus Larsen raced his orange Alfa Romeo Sprint in the hills of Knutstorp this weekend.

He arrived for scrutineering and practice on friday, and was accompanied by ITR members Simon Nielsen, Søren Bærholm, Anton Norup, Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson.

The Milanese machine never performed to the satisfaction of 3-year veteran Claus Larsen; the engine ran well but the brakes didn't show the necessary stability. As braking is a very important part of racing this affected both qualification and the races themselves.

Two heats were driven on saturday and #41 finished both. As soon as results are published they will be reported in the Real-life section.

Track day at Roskilde KTI


On Sunday Søren Bærholm, Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson drove to Roskilde for a track day with the Alfa Romeo and Honda Owners Clubs.

Among invited BMWs a single Fiat and a Lancia Delta Integrale they tried their street cars on the closed circuit.