Triumph in the Dutch dunes
Into The Red climbs the championship table

Race results

The blood-red cars of Scuderia Into The Red once again set an impressive pace in the DGPLS 2004 spring championship at Zandvoort in Holland.

On Server 1 Stig Jørgensen by sheer super-human driving skills avoided a multi-car pile-up in T1 and continued to climb up through the field until he for a brief moment held P5. Only on the very last meters of the ultimate lap did Thorfinn Dahl manage to squeeze the green Lotus past, and Stig ended on a very handsome P7.

Only two days after his race at the Nürburgring Jan Kyster kept his top 3 pre-qualification for server 2 and flew away from trouble right from the start. A very unfortunate accident after a handfull of laps did though shunt him almost to the very back of the 14-car field. But by clever and determined driving he forged his way back into the front end of the race and managed to keep pole-sitter Lars Gaarde behind him just long enough to secure a steady P4.

Race results

Steffen Madsen did not participate because he was recovering from hard work, testing a new engine/gearbox for the next races.

On Server 3 Per Einarsson disappointed by not converting the surprising top pre-qualification to anything but a Q8 on the grid.

Gert Sterner and Søren Bærholm qualified last, but all three ITR drivers advanced in the tables during the first laps, and the Bella Lago models were cheering every time they roared past the pits.

Søren Bærholm was sadly prevented from excelling, as he was disconnected early in the race; he walked back to the pit and joined Steffen Madsen with the girls.

Gert Sterner rose to an amazing P7 and the Team Boss ended on P6.

Into The Red scored 3rd-most points among the entered teams Team statistics and is now holding a firm 5th in the DGPLS team championship. FORZA!