Club Sport season started
Minimal preparation for first Club Sport outing

Results, photos and video

Gert Sterner and, team manager, Per Einarsson were two out of a dozen Alfa Romeo owners who turned up at Løgstør KTA in northern Jutland.

They were accompanied by sim-racer, Søren Bærholm, ClubRace driver, Claus Larsen, and Alfaclub Race manager, Peter Dyrelund.

It was the first Track Day of the year and the organizers had laid out an exciting track around the rough tarmac, using a fast straight (120-140 kph) with a fast right-hand sweeper, three tight corners and a back staight (100-120 kph) with a succession of tightening chicanes.

Both cars ran well, but the tires were seriously worn; especially on the front right corner as all turns were left-hookers. The laps are timed, but the main reason for participation is to get to know your car (apart from the obvious: it's big fun!).

So although Per Einarsson set significantly faster times than Gert Sterner for the first time, no tears were shed on that account, but Sterner had to send the car to Steffen Madsen at the repair shop because of a fuel-feed problem that grounded the car after we returned home to Odense in the night!

Søren Bærholm and Claus Larsen served as marshalls and Søren was promised that if he enlisted as a member in the Alfaclub he could bring his Audi for the upcomming events.

Gert and Per paid for and passed the training for a D-license which in the future will be necessary for participation.