The team is back "into the red"
Jan Kyster travels to England over the Week-end

Race results

Along with a team of mechanics and Bella Lago models, Jan Kyster went to Silverstone for the weekend to join the opening race in the Open European GPL League in the blood-red Ferrari #11.

After a P14 on the starting grid he managed a splendid P10 at the end of the race after an unfortunate accident and a hairing spin at Woodcote.

Here he is seen dicing with #10 Müller in the red Cooper-Maserati.
The eventual winner #6 Wojahn takes the chequered flag after an hour of racing in the green Brabham BT24.

The ITR team manager, don Pierro, stated that it was a good initiative to participate in the race; all the Al Dente pizza bakers and the Bella Lago Bikini models were delighted to stay in rural England for this exciting week-end, while everybody else were staying at home from the non-starter DGPLS-league!

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