Track-day community established
ITR member elected onto the board

In order to avoid any insurance problems from Track Days within the Danish Alfa Romeo Owner's Club [Alfa Romeo Klub Danmark] it was decided at the end of last year's season that a special Alfa Sport society should be established in time for the 2004 season.

This weekend the society was established as a section under the ARKD, and ITR members Gert Sterner, Claus Larsen and Per Einarsson showed up to influence the rules of the new community.

Out of more than 2.000 members, only 80-120 alfisti participate in the track-days. So it made sense to start a whole new section.

Into The Red member elected onto the board

Gert Sterner was elected as one of six board members - another person from the island of Funen being Martin Olsen - a well-known competitor in his compressor-driven Alfa Romeo 146 1.6TS.

It is expected that other danish Owner's Clubs will follow the rules laid down by the AROC, because the insurance- and liability-problems can become very real for any track day venue with timed laps.

After the meeting the ITR trio went to Roskilde to meet with real-life member Simon Nielsen, who was in the country in his newly acquired Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6. The car was assessed and found absolutely worthy of the title: "Wow, what a car!"