ITR in Club Race 2004
Claus Larsen signed for next reason

After starting his track racing career in 2001 with 49 points and a 4th place in CR3, Claus Larsen has kept on fighting at HMS Club Races events and is now joining Into The Red Motor Racing Ltd.

The Car is an Alfa Romeo Spint 1.5 stripped and prepared for racing and painted in a beautiful orange scheme - Claus is not affraid of being noticed. The Team will support the orange entry best as possible throughout the season and we all hope for exciting fights and many points for Claus Larsen.

Club Race is fought in two classes, CR1 and CR 2, according to rules implemented in 2003. Claus Larsen succeded the 2003 season with 30 points and a 7th place in CR2 after only attending two events, both at Ring Knutstorp in Sweden. The opposition ranges from VW Golf GTi over Porsche 911 to Lotus Seven.