The race reports as they appeared in Motorsport during 1967
South Africa - January 2nd 1967 Monte Carlo - May 2nd 1967 Holland - June 4th 1967 Belgium - June 18th 1967
France - July 2nd 1967 Great Britain - July 15th 1967 West Germany - August 6th 1967 Canada - August 27th 1967
Italy - September 10th 1967 United States - Ocober 1st 1967 Mexico - October 22nd 1967
Season preview

Ferrari has announced that his Grand Prix team will consist of Bandini and Parkes, with Scarfiotti in addition if he decides to run three cars, such as at Monza. Chris Amon and Jonathan Williams are also on the Ferrari books, but at the moment their activities look as though they will be confined to long-distance racing with the P4 cars. The new 36-valve Grand Prix engine that appeared at Monza last year ... [read more]

Race tracks on the continent

Almost anywhere round the circuit is impressive, the main grandstands provide a fine panoramic view of a large part of the circuit, as does the open grandstand on the slopes of the Eau Rouge hill. This latter stand is one of my favourites during practice, for you can get quite close to the cars as they cross the river bridge and climb up the very fast sweeping turn, and here you see drivers working for their living ... [read more]