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TRACKDAYS - Legendary trackday
Copenhagen (DK)
August 2011

CEO for Advanced Technology Gert Sterner announced some time back that he had purchased a new and exciting App for his iPhone: 'Harry's Laptimer'. But nobody in the team paid much attention, just because the Scuderia ITR tech-buff had bought himself yet another gizmo.

But this one should have stirred up everybodys minds even back then, when it wasn't that advanced. It is indeed a very complete laptiming and G-force logging application; and it even combines video overlay features. Just perfect for ITR trackdays!

Back in August 2005 ITR-man
Anton Norup developed his own GPS-logger
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since april 2004
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TRACKDAYS - Legendary trackday
Daytona (USA)
July 2011

After the latest race at Daytona Michael Ryhl is rated #25 in the series overall. This puts him firmly over other Danes such as Jan Magnussen (#27 in the real-life series), Ronnie Bremer and Martin Jensen. This was celebrated at the recent Aquila sponsor party in the Maranello headquarters.

'I hope to keep the 25th slot in the ranking, but I fear that a few of my closest competitors have a real chance at scoring more than me', said the experienced iRacing driver after the Daytona race. He started from a
Q8 on the grid among very fast drivers, but Mitsuru Dokai offered some very closes fighting, while he tried to
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